T’s drinking problem


The boy and I had another epic bike ride planned, this time leaving from historic downtown Issaquah. The original plan was a figure-8 course that involved some formidable hills on the second part of the ride. About half-way through the “easy” first loop, we decided we weren’t quite up for that second part and opted to do the first loop twice. (It was hot and the climbs on the first loop were kicking our butts.) There were tons of other cyclists out doing the Seattle Century, so we had plenty of company on the roads.

After 40 odd miles of hot hilly riding, we decided that we should cancel out all of our hard work by stopping at this place:

(Yes, you read that correctly… )

In addition a nice outdoor seating area, it featured the biggest root beer floats I’d ever seen…

So delicious! After a little downtime at home, we decided to have a little date night in the neighborhood at one of our favorite mexican spots. I went for a margarita, but T decided to try something new. Unbeknownst to him, it would be pink and served in a girly glass… Cheers!

On the way home, we stopped at his favorite coffee spot for another dainty beverage:

It’s not easy being the blog-husband…


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