So very fancy


Today was about getting ready for race day. We had to get checked in at the race site and our hotel. This was my first time doing a Rev3 event. I’ve heard great things about them and was excited to see if they lived up to the hype. I can honestly say, they definitely did. Despite it being the first year of this event with around 400-500 people, it reminded me of Ironman Canada – a race that’s over 25 years old with more than six times the number of participants. (Except for the part where picking up my packet involved standing in a two person line and took about fifteen minutes.)

Instead of the usual bars, they had super fancy “back wheel block” transition areas that I’ve only seen pro triathletes using on television. Here’s Slim, ready to rock and roll:

It even had my name on it:

There were a ton of pros racing and they had a really nice set up – cool banners in front of their spots, which I thought was rad:

After we checked Slim in, we wandered over to the athlete meeting/pre-race meeting. They’d scheduled a kid’s race at the same time, so we got to watch the kids take off which was fun. We also got to see what treats awaited us at the finish line:

For us Pacific Northwesters, the long sleeve tech-t shirt is a most useful prize:

Afterward, there was an Active Release Therapy tent that didn’t have a long wait. (For the unfamiliar, A.R.T. is basically a combo of stretching and massage.) I’d always been curious about it, so I decided to give it a try. The guy who worked on me turned out to be from Seattle and he did a lot of work on the calf/Achilles that had been giving me trouble. It felt a lot better when he finished with it, so I took his card and will definitely be keeping him in mind for the future.

We headed over to the Holiday Inn Express, where we’d spent an extra 11 dollars a night on the “King Size Jacuzzi Suite” because we’re fancy like that. And the jacuzzi was pretty sweet. (Please enjoy the towel folded like a swan… )

Except for it’s location. Two feet from the bed. Hmmm…

(Ah well, at least I could watch TV while I soaked in it.) We had a few hours to chill in the room before we headed out for dinner. T took a little nap while I organized my race stuff and checked out my race swag. Pretty nice haul, if I do say so myself…

And one last piece of coolness. The way they do race numbers in Rev3-land is with a temporary tattoo. So instead of a volunteer scrawling possibly illegible numbers on with a marker, you get this:

I didn’t realize how much it could be rinsed off, so mine was still a little tacky when I put a shirt on over it, so it got a little fuzzy. (But still looked a lot better than the marker numbers do.) I was feeling pretty good about the race in general and hoping that somehow, despite my uneven training, it would translate to a solid performance tomorrow.


One thought on “So very fancy

  1. Jenn L

    Wow – the long sleeve technical tee alone is enough to do the race. But professional looking numbers like that just have to make you feel bad a$$!

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