Too ambitious


Because of yesterday’s procrastination, I had to do my long ride today. M was nice enough to ride out for the first half hour before turning back and it was great to have the company. The weather was still pretty good, although there was a chilly breeze that I wasn’t too fond of. I had a big loop mapped out that would eventually take me up to Port Townsend and back. The route was rolling hills through farmland and very pretty. I ended up making a wrong turn and missing some of the loop, cutting my ride short by about 15 miles, but I felt pretty good about what I managed to do.

I got back to the campsite to find that M & J had taken the boys for a walk. (Being a single-dog mom is a lot easier with some help with my friends!) It gave me a chance to shower/pack up my tent and load the car without dog “assistance.” I was planning to catch a ferry in the evening and pick T up at the airport around 10. Our dinner plans for the evening were campfire pizza, which was a brand-new experiment.

It started out promising, but we rapidly realized that the cheese on the top wasn’t getting enough heat to melt. M had an innovative solution, waving a burning ember over the top of it:

That didn’t end up working so well…

The next pizza looked exactly like bikini bottoms:

Mmmm, panty pizza:

Luckily, I had some back-up chicken sausages that I could grill for dinner. I wrapped it in one of the pizza fails for a “pig in a blanket” sort of effect. Sadly, the pizza experiment was a bust, but nothing ventured/nothing gained.

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