Kicking it up a notch


One of the things I love about Seattle is the diversity of things people have going on in their lives. So, when I was getting ice water in our break room and a co-worker walked in with a giant crate of rhubarb and asparagus, I suppose I shouldn’t have been surprised. When I asked where he’d gotten it, he replied that he had a farm in Poulsbo. (Hmmm. I can’t really imagine having this conversation any place else I’ve ever lived… ) But, hey, free rhubarb is free rhubarb! The only fly in the ointment is that I was planning to run home that evening.

No problem, I’ve got my trusty daypack that I used to transport my laptop, so I’d just stuff the rhubarb in there. So, here’s the rhubarb/asparagus that I was transporting (artfully shot in my cubicle… ) The apples are from a separate weekly fruit delivery that we usually miss because we work from home on Tuesday.

And here is an artsy shot of the produce stuffed into my daypack:

I’m afraid that I’ve crossed a new line of crazy in my co-workers minds, but that was really only a matter of time. And let me just say, rhubarb is surprisingly heavy. My pack was much more oppressive than normal, but was excellent training for my upcoming half-ironman as my legs felt exactly like I’d been on the bike for three plus hours… But I made it home and ran most of the way (except for a few traffic crossing stops.) I was curious about how much weight I’d carried, so I weighed it when I got home: 14 lbs! I can’t believe what a difference that made. I now have even more respect for the heavier runners I see out on the roads. You guys are amazing.


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