I’m sensing a theme…


Our arrival in Walla Walla was uneventful and despite a crappy weather forecast, we actually woke up to sunshine. Our group for the weekend consisted of Jenn & Bryan (with their girls Greta & Tyr), Erin & David (with Lucky dog), Timmon (dog-free), and Khai (also dog-free, who had driven down from Vancouver, BC.) We’d brought Smokey Joe, but boarded Wally because I wasn’t sure how well he’d do with all of the dogs and didn’t want to take the chance of it being a big nightmare. The best part of this group (aside from the witty banter) is the variety of crazy food skills.

Khai brought along coffee that he’d roasted himself, as well as a super cool antique coffee grinder:

We’d teamed up on meals, so Team “Culinary Dreamcrushers” (aka Jenn, Bryan and Khai) threw down with some home made waffles, ebelskivers, bacon, eggs, fruit and yogurt. It was an awesome spread:

Greta took over kitchen supervision duties from Smokey Joe, (who’d relocated to under the table):

Tyr was more interested in what was going on outside:

There was also a very impressive wine line up (for later in the day… )

After breakfast, (and some laying around the living room) we decided to head out for a little bike ride. The riding was as lovely as I’d remembered. But unfortunately, another theme started to show itself…

We knew the road from the house ended in a gravel road, so that wasn’t such a surprise. (Plus it let us get a little warm-up in before tackling the big hill by the house.) But after climbing and descending the big hill, we turned onto a nice country road that Erin & I remembered riding last year:

Oops. At least it gave us a chance to re-group. Here’s Khai rocking his awesome bike. (love, Love, LOVE the vintage saddle bag… )

After we rode back to the place we’d turned off, some of the group decided to head back to the house and a few of us decided to keep riding. Khai & David were faster than T & I, so they dropped us pretty quickly. (Especially when I stopped to take a picture of these cute baby horses)

Worth it! When we got to a fork in the road, I knew one direction went back to the highway, but I’d remembered riding up the other direction last year, so we chose that way, even though it contained a crazy hill (that I’d had to walk part of last year… ) This year, I made it all the way up but had forgotten one little detail:

Yes, that’s right, it’s the official sign of this ride:

At least we’re having fun!

And it’s pretty!

At that point, we decided we’d had enough riding and took the highway back to the house. After a little lunch, we headed out to do a little wine-tasting and meet up with the group. We even stopped at “lazy hippie coffee place” that we’d been to last year. (And yet again, they did not disappoint by shutting down their espresso machine 15 minutes before closing time. Sigh.) They did give me this rad shot, so I can’t be too mad at them:

Bryan and Timmion had been taunting each other with a CrossFit workout and even with the wine-tasting, it actually came to pass. I decided to pass in favor of a slow (and super ugly) run, but T joined in. (He crazy!)

After all of the exercising, it was time for more epic food – this time from Team “TMT” (Timmion, yours truly and T.) We did a big taco dinner, which turned out very well, if I do say so myself… There was also much delicious wine and some hot tub time. A girl could get used to this…


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