Fingers crossed


We’re about to head out of town for a fun weekend in Walla Walla, but before we can hit the road, we have to take care of one piece of business: get the boy a job. (Hopefully) At the last minute, he’d had an opportunity to interview with an interior architecture firm in Bellevue. Here’s the boy all dressed up and in preparation mode:

While he was busy strutting his stuff, I had some time to kill in Bellevue. I decided to walk up to the shopping center to see if anything was open (or at least get out of the drizzle.) On the way, I took an opportunity to snap a picture of my favorite “bad pun name for pho place.”

Yes, it’s “What the pho?” I also really like the discount gun place in the same shopping center. Talk about one stop shopping!

We’re still waiting to hear the results of the job interview, but the position sounds perfect for T and they asked for references, which is always a good sign. So, everyone send good job karma his way and keep your fingers crossed. Should he land the job, you will probably hear my cry of jubilation from where ever you are… 😉

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