Mother of all weekends


I spent the weekend down at my parent’s house for Mother’s Day weekend. I hadn’t really had a chance to visit in a while, so while T held down the fort up in Seattle, I made my way solo down to the old homestead. I worked from there on Friday and subjected my mom to a local tri store while I picked out a new bike saddle. (Tri geeks are not for the faint of heart, but she was a trooper.)

It was an enjoyable weekend, complete with pug antics:

On Saturday morning, I took the bike out on a short ride to test out the new saddle. Then my mom and I headed into Portland for a trip to the Saturday market and a movie. Per usual, the Saturday market had all sorts of craftiness:

Here’s my mom engaged in a tough ceramic mug decision:

Ceramic torsos, anyone?

Monster purses!

And a big ugly ceramic head. (I really wish I could mail this to my brother for his birthday.)

We also out for breakfast on actual Mothers Day, just the two of us. It was nice to get to spend some one on one time with my mom and hang out with the family. And I was glad to actually get to celebrate Mother’s Day in person for a change.


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