Hell in a handbasket…


I’m frequently horrified by television commercials for various pizza chains and the ridiculously caloric “specials” they frequently promote. (Like 5 pounds of pasta for five bucks. Shudder.) But that was nothing compared to what I recently saw in the freezer aisle of my local supermarket:

(I particularly like the spelling of “wyngz.” It also has a note that it doesn’t contain any wing meat.) T was on board:

But seriously, is there really a market for this? Was there really a consumer out there that was thinking “Hmmm, this pizza is good, but it would be GREAT if it came with some misspelled, non-wing meat containing, chicken wings?”

2 thoughts on “Hell in a handbasket…

  1. I saw an ad for the pizza and wyngz the other day and the first thing that caught me was the spelling. Couldn’t decide if they had misspelled it on purpose so they could protect themselves lawsuit-wise from the folks who realize after the fact there is no wing meat or if they were going after the ebonics target market.

    The real surprise though is why we have an obesity problem in this nation. I just don’t get it…

    • parentheticalstatement

      Right? I pondered that spelling for a good long while. I think the Taco Bell lawsuit about the meat contents have probably rattled everyone. (Wait, people expect the food we’re selling to actually contain the food we say it is? Crazy!) And don’t even get me started on the “mysterious” obesity epidemic…

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