Road trip EXTREME


So far on our trip I’d been doing most of the driving (much like I do in our day to day life.) But after all of the not feeling well and what-not, I’d decided that I was going to start trading off with T. Just in time for T to wake up with my stomach bug. D’oh! Luckily, all he had to do was lay in the car and do his best not to barf in it. I’ve done the drive between LA and the Bay Area about a million times, so it was fine.

We were staying with my brother for the night because we were doing a car swap. Because Nerissa got this:

We were getting her Toyota Camry:

It’s a 1997, but has 100,000 miles on it. Because it’s an older car there are a couple of issues we’ll need to work out, the most worrisome being that the passenger floorboard gets wet when it rains. (But that won’t be a problem in Seattle, right?) 😉 The plan was to drop our rental car off at San Francisco’s airport on our way north, but when we called to set that up, we learned it would be a $500 charge to do that. (We hadn’t been sure that the timing would work out with Nerissa getting her new car in time for us to take her old one, or I’d have just set up a one-way rental from the beginning or at least asked about crazy-talk fees.) So, it was convoy time.

This road trip just kicked it up a notch…


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