The happiest place on Earth?


When I was a kid, I was lucky enough to live near Disneyland. In fact, my junior high marching band played there for three years in a row. It got to a point where we went often enough that I was actually tired of Disneyland. My final visit during this time was in 1987, when they opened Star Tours. They opened the park non-stop from Friday through Sunday and because we were in high school, we thought it would be cool to spend the entire weekend there. Some friends had gotten a hotel room for Saturday night, but my parents weren’t about to let me participate in those kinds of shenanigans, so I was there from Friday night through Saturday night (only 24 hours.)

Then I moved out of Southern California and the tickets for Disneyland got more and more expensive, but I’d been wanting to go back for some time. So, today was the day. Unfortunately, today was also the day I woke up with a weird stomach bug. Not to go into any grody details, but it wasn’t good. I sat on the couch and ruminated over it and ultimately decided that if I can barf my way through an Ironman, I can tough my way through Disneyland. 😉

The first half hour or so was definitely rough, but as long as I kept moving, it was okay. There was a moment in the line for Small World that was a little dicey. But the thought of barfing in front of all of those children helped me hold it together. 🙂

We wandered around for a little while after that and I started to feel better and was definitely glad I came. Enjoy some more Hipstamatic goodness:

Old timey T & I:

And because I’m a child, I had to take a picture of “Red Rockets Pizza Port” (South Park fans should know why… )

Here’s T on the rush hour traffic ride…

The most disappointing ride was definitely the submarine. (Man, did they ruin that thing!)

I did get a cool picture of the bubbles, though.

Thankfully, my favorite ride remains it’s cheesy awesome self…

Space Mountain was a little much for my stomach:

And this was as close as I was willing to get to the teacups:

But I will say, the nice thing about my stomach ailment was saving a bunch of money on food! And all things considered, we had a pretty fun day. We had planned to stay later and watch the big fireworks show and all of that, but I was pretty oversaturated by about 7:00, so we called it a day and headed back to Heidi’s. Hopefully, it won’t be fourteen more years before I return.

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