Double happiness


Though I myself have never wanted to have children, I couldn’t be more thrilled that some of my dearest friends have them. I’ve enjoyed seeing the changes in my friends as they become parents and I like meeting the babies and watching them grow up. Heidi’s babies are particularly miraculous, as she had such a tough pregnancy and they were born pretty early. But now they are two beautiful baby girls. Here’s my favorite picture of Kenley:

Kenley is the more headstrong one. She’s already testing her boundaries and has very firm opinions on her likes and dislikes. While I know Heidi has her work cut out for her with this one, it’s exciting to see what Kenley is going to do in this world. It’s pretty hard to imagine anything getting in her way!

And here’s my favorite shot of Kamryn:

Kamryn is very sweet. She’s a little more reserved and is a bit more cautious. But, when she smiles at you it feels like a million bucks. T won her over with a few rounds of peekaboo, which was pretty adorable. They are still small for their age, particularly Kenley, so Heidi is constantly trying to find ways to get more calories into them. Her dad had suggested butter rolled in Parmesan, so we tried it:

(The plate is Heidi’s from when she was a little girl. Isn’t it sweet?) We spent a great day hanging out with Heidi and the girls. I particularly enjoyed watching them play in the backyard:

It was a fun and tiring day. Heidi is an amazing mom to those girls and it was a treat to see her in action. Honestly, I think a day with twins might be more tiring than any number of my triathlon exploits. šŸ™‚


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