Heading south


The next morning, we cooked another lovely breakfast before packing the car to start our journey down to LA. While I was excited to see Heidi and meet her twins, the thought of that boring drive down I-5 was not. Before getting in the car, I did get to don my beloved Keens. (Forgive the pasty white legs, it’s been a long time since they’ve seen the sun… )

We did opt for the scenic route getting to the 5 via Gilroy, which was quite lovely. (Even with the douchey Porsche that would roar past everyone before the road would go to two lanes and then become a speed limit nazi, driving EXACTLY the posted speed limit and then repeat whenever the passing lane would appear. Eye roll… ) Once on the 5, we could join the people driving 80, so it was all good.

Growing up in Southern California, we often took exception to the suggestion that we didn’t have seasons. Later in life, I’d joke that our seasons went something like this: Spring = the hills were green, Summer = the hills were brown, Fall = the hills were on fire, Winter = the hills were black. As we approached the Grapevine, I was reminded of this as the hills were a lovely green color:

The best part of getting to the Grapevine is that it’s the final leg of the journey and soon enough we’d arrived at Heidi’s cute little house in Burbank. It was so exciting to finally meet her twins, who were eating dinner and a little shy of new visitors, but so adorable. It was also so great to see Heidi and Tom. There was a flurry of baby bathing and getting ready for bed. We got to sit in on story time:

After the babies were down for the night, we got some delicious takeout from a local place and chatted. It was nice to catch up with Heidi and Tom, it’s been a long time since we’d been down for a visit and obviously a lot has changed in the interim. I was excited that we’d have the whole day tomorrow to hang out. Look forward to lots of pictures of the twins…


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