California adventures


Hanging out at my brother’s house is sort of like hanging out in an Bizarro world version of my own life. House vs apartment, sun vs rain, sciency jobs vs artsy one, etc. But their routine is pretty much identical to ours on the weekend. We sit around, eventually make a big breakfast and then plot out what we want to do with our day. T & I injected a quick (and horrible) run into the mix, but otherwise it was a lovely lazy Saturday morning.

We decided to go to a local nursery that specialized in native plants so that they could look at some of the plants a landscape consultant they’d been talking to was suggesting for the backyard. It was up on the Peninsula and involved being outside in the sunshine, so I was game.

The twisty, winding road to the nursery was not fun. (At least not for us. The 4 million cyclists we passed seemed to be enjoying it very much. Well, the ones going downhill at any rate… ) The nursery itself was very pretty, tucked into a little glade. There was a cute little dog to greet us and it looked more like a botanical garden than a nursery.

They had some plants in pots, but then a large section of them in their “natural habitat.” T & I walked around while Nerissa & Erik tried to match plants to their groundplan.

We even saw some local wildlife – a banana slug:

Afterward, we got some amazing pie at a local bakery and wandered around Stanford’s Rodin sculpture garden. (For those of us who went to a state college, the notion of having a sculpture garden in hard to grasp, let alone one filled with actual Rodins… ) Erik & T posed with one of the giant heads:

Afterward, we went back to Erik & Nerissa’s place to chill out for a while before dinner. Here’s Nerissa in “chill out mode” (or as close as she gets to it… )

And my brother showed off part of his costume for the Bay to Breakers (Kali was very interested in it… )

(I like the idea that he just sits around the house like that.) Later we went out for a very nice dinner in downtown San Jose. Because of the Sharks game, we had a part of the dining room all to ourselves. It was like dining in a private restaurant. A very lovely evening. Too bad we had to get back on the road tomorrow…


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