3 years later


Today the weather actually cleared up enough to allow T and I to ride our bikes outside. Given that the weather has been completely horrible lately (think gale-force winds, hail, thunderstorms, pouring rain, the works… ) we jumped at the chance and hustled out of the house. We kept it simple and just rode the Burke Gilman out and back. As I was riding, I realized that three years ago, I blogged about this exact same ride and it was funny to think about how much has changed since that ride.

Back then, I was dreaming about moving to Seattle and getting out of Portland (check!) Everything about my training has changed since then – I’m much more focused in my training (not to mention riding a much fancier bike) and I push myself much harder than I did back then. I’m grateful to this blog for allowing me to have these little touchstone moments where I get to look back and appreciate where I am now. So, in addition to being a place to post pictures of food, cute pictures of my animals/friends/husband and hilarious things I see at Target, it’s also a place to get all philosophical and what-not. Lucky you guys!


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