At the start line


I won’t lie, I’m still not a fan of 2011. The eye continues to be the bane of my existence with too many doctors appointments and eye drops, though not as many of either as there used to be. I am keeping it dilated all the time and I’m still confined to glasses, all of which feels very oppressive. I suppose I should be grateful that I live in dreary Seattle and it’s January, but that feels just as oppressive right now. I would love to get away for some sun, but not only is that not in the cards financially, it would kill my dilated eye. So, I’m trying to put my awesome athlete mental toughness skills to work and am trying to focus on future goals and rise about the crap that’s going on right now.

To that end, I’ve spent the last few weeks putting together a training plan and targeting my “A” races for the upcoming year. The last two weeks have been spent in a “prep” phase where I’ve been doing some unstructured running, biking, swimming and weights and generally getting used to working out again. I’ve also been learning to use the new heart-rate monitor, as one of my goals is to be better about testing/measuring my fitness over the course of my training. Yesterday was my first test – a running time trial in the rain, with M & T as company. Though it was fifteen minutes instead of the 20 I was supposed to do, (I’m not a math whiz at the best of times, but even less so when I’m trying to calculate finish time while trying not to barf… ) I was relatively pleased with where I’m at pace-wise and it’s very cool to have so much data at my finger-tips.

Today is swim and bike testing (though not at the same time.) then next week training starts in earnest. I’m hoping the eye will get better soon and I can go back to wearing contacts and feeling like a normal person. I’m pretty excited at this more structured approach to my training and am hoping it pays off come summer. Worst case scenario, I’ve got to think all of this “mental toughness practice” I’ve been employing lately certainly will.


One thought on “At the start line

  1. Heidi

    A friend from high school is suffering from iritis (sp?), too. I hope yours heals a lot more quickly than hers–it seems to be an on again off again thing for her. Is it caused by contacts? Sending you a big hug…

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