Connecting the dots


Today was the 25th anniversary of the Challenger explosion, which I realized thanks to Facebook. It’s also my mother’s 65th birthday (which I knew with no help from Facebook… ) Somehow I’ve never made the connection that the Challenger exploded on my mother’s birthday. When I mentioned this to her on the phone, she added that it was her 40th birthday and my dad was out of town on a business trip. What’s funny to me is that I very clearly remember sitting in my Biology class while my teacher and a few interested students listened to the launch on the radio but remember nothing about how (or if) we celebrated my mom’s birthday.

Now, I was 16 at the time, which probably explains more about this than I’d like to admit. And for me, the Challenger is one of those events that the date isn’t as important as the event itself – kind of like Pearl Harbor. But since I just celebrated my 40th birthday not too long ago, it’s one of those moments when I can put yourself in my mother’s shoes, though it’s very surreal to imagine myself having four kids, aged 16 – 8.

Oh well… Happy Birthday Mom!


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