A little organization goes a long way


I woke up in a very grumpy mood. For no real reason. I just was. I decided to pull myself out of it with a project that I’d been wanting to do for a long time. Tackle this shelf:

(No, not the wine… ) I’d seen some lovely Kolo photo boxes, so the boy and I made a trip out to buy them. The best part was that Paper Zone had a 20% discount on anything in the store, so they were on sale. Score! I spent the rest of the afternoon wrangling photos, which is a fun project because you get to look through all of your old pictures and see how young you (and your significant other and your pets, etc.) used to be and remember all of the places you’ve lived/wacky adventures you’ve had. And the best part is at the end of the process, here’s what your shelf looks like:

While I was sitting under the table taking this picture, I had to also take one of Wally being handsome:

Whew! I’m glad my photos now live on a hard drive instead of in an album. Much easier to keep organized. Until the next technology wave comes along…


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