Not a good start…


We went down to Oregon for the New Year’s weekend to see both sets of family, since we didn’t manage to make it down before Christmas. On one hand, it was like Christmas part 2, with more presents from my family and T’s. On the other hand, my mom and I enjoyed our traditional snipe-fest and our car’s brakes decided that New Years Eve day was the perfect time to start making a loud scary grinding noise.

We took the boys to doggie day-care for the day on Friday, since my mom now has three pugs to take care of and I didn’t think adding our rambunctious boys to the mix was a good idea. Wally behaved like a perfect angel and made his parents very proud when we dropped him off. But when we went to pick them up, Smokey Joe had somehow hurt himself during the morning outdoor play session and came limping out. He didn’t react to our squeezing it, so we decided to keep an eye on it and wrap it in a bandage for some extra support. I give you the poster-child for Lab Abuse:

Poor, pathetic pup. The bandage did make him stay off the leg, and after he chewed if off during the night, he was feeling better the next day. Plus, the brakes not only made it back to Seattle but turned out to be less extensive than I’d feared. So, 2011 redeemed itself somewhat…


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