The great experiment


This year, I really wanted to make most of my Christmas gifts and happened upon a recipe for wine jelly. Now, I’m a sucker for “interesting” foods, so I promptly looked it up online to see what one would use wine jelly for. To my surprise everyone seemed to be using it just like regular jelly, so I decided to give it a try. I’ll admit, the fact that I’d never tried to make jelly did make me a little nervous, but I decided to go ahead anyway. (Luckily, Google contains a wealth of jelly-making lore… )

I did the first batch of red and aside from buying liquid pectin instead of powder (the only difference is that liquid has to be added at a different time in the cooking process than powdered… ) it went pretty smoothly. One of the jars didn’t seal properly so we had to eat that one right away, so we had a chance to taste it and I must admit, it was pretty tasty. It has some of the red wine smell, but basically tastes like a more complex grape jelly (there’s the sweetness of grape jelly but paired with a nice tartness.) Let’s just say the jar we have is almost gone and it’s only been about two and a half weeks…

I didn’t get any pictures of the actual jam-making process, but I did snap a few of the cooling jars:

*** Sorry for the delay in posting, I had to wait until some of the blog-reading recipients had opened their gifts! 😉 Now, hopefully my parents won’t read it before I go down there next weekend. Luckily, I’ve also gotten them something else, so they will still be half-surprised. ***

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