Frozen Turkey Day


Thanksgiving morning greeted us with a fresh dusting of snow. For the third year in a row, we were running the Ballard Turkey Trot (The “we” being M, J & I, since T was on the injured list… ) Thankfully, (Ha!) most of the ice had melted the day before and the fresh snow wasn’t a big deal to drive in. I was still concerned with the ice on the race route, but figured I’d follow the pack and deal with what the race threw at me. It wasn’t like this was some A race, I think I’ve swum more miles than I’ve run this month and it’s pretty hard to get too competitive at a race that is as low-key as this one is.

We met up at M & J’s place and walked to the start. We timed it almost perfectly, but we got to the start line just after the “gun” went off (Or, more accurately, the guy said “go!”) so we had to hustle into the moving pack and go. M & I ran together and somehow J was behind us for a little bit and then he passed us in the throng. We took it easy on the icy parts and chit-chatted our way down the hill. It wasn’t the fastest Turkey Trot of the three we’ve done, but it was our snow route PR!

Commemorating another successful Turkey Trot finish:

But not too serious…

T met us at the finish line, after having a nice eggnog latte at one of his favorite coffee places. I really love this little tradition we’ve got going. Hopefully, next year T will be able to run it with us. After the race, T & I headed home for some breakfast and a quick trip to the gym for T to get a little workout in before the dining festivities began. I went along to get a little swim in. I was surprised by how many people were at the gym on Thanksgiving morning. (I guess lots of folks either want to escape their families or eat their turkey guilt-free!)

Then, we had a little lounging time before heading over to M & J’s for a nice low-key Thanksgiving dinner. We brought sweet potatoes, cranberry sauce and a salad, all of which I’d made the day before. J & M made a delicious turkey, two kinds of stuffing (with sausage and without) some green beans and a scrumptious apple crisp with ice cream for dessert. It was nice to keep things just as relaxed as the Thanksgiving dinners T & I have made when we’ve spent the holiday solo, but with the added bonus of good friends for company. All in all, it was a pretty perfect holiday.

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