Good weekend


We had an uncharacteristically busy weekend. Our friend Jeremy and his new wife Jen (you may remember them as the folks who’s wedding we attended last month down in Portland) were in town for a quick visit. They stayed with us Saturday night and we had a lovely dinner at Delancey with M & J joining us. (And thank god for the new vacuum, it was nice to get the house really clean for people staying over… )

Thanks to Daylight Savings Time ending, we had an extra hour to sleep in the morning. T made bagels for breakfast, then Jeremy & Jenn headed out to see her family and go to the Seahawks/Giants game. T & I lounged around the house for a while and then decided to hit a Sunday matinee of Hereafter (good movie, but definitely bring your Kleenex!) at our neighborhood movie theater. Our movie was being shown upstairs, where I’d never been in this theatre. It had a fiberglass usher pig statue:

And a nice view of downtown Ballard below:

Afterward, we hit the gym for some swimming (me) and rest of gym (T) followed by low-key dinner at home. It was the perfect blend of social and peaceful.


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