Retail insanity


It’s good to be home again and while I love many things about New York, I am glad I no longer live there. For quality of life, it’s pretty hard to beat Seattle, especially on a sunny fall day. M called me to see if I wanted to go out and run some errands with her, which sounded like the perfect low-key activity to me. Ordinarily, I wouldn’t blog about a trip to Target (even I have limits to the mundane depths to which I’ll stoop… ) but while we were there, I had to photograph a few particularly hilarious pieces of merchandise.

First up was the women’s footie pajamas:

Yes, that’s right. Footie pajamas for adult women. Hot…

Then we walked past the pet aisle to see this:

Yes, it’s a hairdryer designed for pets. What exactly is the difference between a pet hairdryer and a human one? About ten bucks, I’d say… Seriously, what is this world coming to?


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