Wedding day


The big day started early, as we needed to be at the wedding site at 10:00 am for pictures. The four of us sharing a room had to coordinate showers and what-not, but we managed to get gussied up quickly enough to stop at a Starbucks en route:

Doesn’t everyone look nice? The wedding was taking place at George Washington manor in Roslyn, NY. It’s a historic old house that George Washington stayed in during the siege of Long Island or some such. It’s basically a gorgeous old mansion that’s humongous. We got there at the same time as Paul and his family. Nerissa and I went downstairs to say hi to my sister and mom, who’d been there since 7. Here’s the Hipstamatic take on the preparations:

Then we headed back upstairs to wander around the reception area to take some pictures while it was still quiet. Here’s the couple’s table:

The bird cage for guests to stick their cards/gifts in an envelope. (I’d never heard of this tradition… )

And one of the many portraits of George that graced the mansion:

And while we waited for pictures to begin, we took some of each other:

While I was taking the above pic, Nerissa got this one of me:

Erik, me and my mom:

Hipstamatic cuteness:

My family with Paul’s step-dad, Lee:

The groom joined the festivities (my mom made his tie and cummerbund) Here he is with my Uncle Bob & Aunt Sue:

Eventually, my came out and the official pictures got underway. She and Paul went across the street to be photographed next to the historic clock tower and Nerissa got this great shot of their reflection in the movie theatre across the street:

Here’s the happy couple conferring with the photographer:

After our pictures were finished, it was time to head in for the ceremony. The service was being performed by a Catholic priest who was a friend of the family (and a Florida weatherman – no joke!) Every single member of Paul’s family went up and had their picture taken with him. Here he is chatting with Paul:

Before we knew it, it was time for the ceremony to start:

Nerissa got this great shot:

The ceremony was really good. The priest had a great sense of humor, but interwove it with readings from the bible and the more traditional elements of vows and whatnot. Afterward, there was a receiving line where my sister gave the most impersonal hug imaginable and didn’t even really look at me. (Naturally, this really hurt my feelings and it’s probably not good that I was near an open bar. Let’s just say there were some vodka cranberries, followed by some wine, followed by some champagne.) T was tasked with keeping me from drinking so much that I made a spectacle of myself and he did a very good job.

Nerissa got this great shot of the big entrance:

There was tons of great food, the aforementioned drinks and the obligatory mixed bag of reception music. Nerissa got this awesome shot that really captured the spirit of the reception:

There was so much bad dancing. I got some awesomely blurry shots of the conga line. (Yes, conga line!)

(Since my dad couldn’t make it, my uncle was really great about making sure my mom had a good time. He danced with her, made sure she had a good spot to watch the first dance, etc. I really appreciated him doing this.)

I got this great shot of my mom:

And another funny one of my brother:

The reception wound down and it was the perfect amount of time. Or rather, it would have been had there not been a second reception scheduled at the Elks Club. (Sigh.) When we got to the Elks club we saw these parking spaces that were the perfect photo op. T got his proper place confused and had to be corrected:

But then it was all good:

The space where our reception was held was no where near as… um… interesting as the upstairs reception:

My sister got a quick photo op with the giant stuffed unicorn:

After some more food (but no more alcohol) and some more of my sister ignoring me, it was finally time to go home. We said our farewells and headed back to our hotel for a little quiet time. It had been a long day and I was feeling a little raw emotionally. But even though my sister’s actions definitely hurt my feelings, it was nice to see her with someone that was making her happy and being welcomed by his family with open arms. Whatever happens between my sister and me, I truly wish them all the best.

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