Take the High Line


We had the full day to ourselves, so we’d planned to spend the day in Manhattan. This time, we took the Long Island Railroad, so that we didn’t have to deal with parking or traffic. (Unbeknownst to us, it was Comic-con day and we had the “privilege” of sharing our train with a bunch of loud, annoying kids dressed up like Dragonball-Z characters. Oh, goody!) But once we got into the city and out of Penn Station, I forgot about all of that. It was so nice to walk around the city and get away from all of the family dynamics in Long Island. But first, we needed some caffeine:

We’d decided to check out the High Line, a new park they’d built on some old elevated train tracks. It turned out to be the perfect activity, as it was gorgeous outside and it was both free and super-cool:

It was great to see the amazing architecture all around us:

There were a number of cool little touches, like these chaise lounges:

They had train wheels on the old tracks, so you could move them back and forth:

There were also some really cool art projects. Like Spencer Finch’s The River That Flows Both Ways:

And of course, it wouldn’t be New York without some shots of graffiti:

There was this room with a series of bells recorded from all over New York City. At the hour mark, they’d play all of the bells at once. We got there at five minutes till the hour, so we hung out to hear it. It was pretty amazing. While we were waiting, I got some glamour shots of the boys:

The Whitney had this cool exhibit near the end of the park:

The High Line ends in the West Village, next to a cool cobblestone street:

We decided to walk down to TriBeCa to another favorite old haunt: Bubby’s.

Unfortunately, the hostess was not a good ambassador for the awesomeness that I remember from Bubby’s and we waited way too long while they theoretically called our name and then sat someone else in front of us. But, the food was just as good as I remembered (even though they didn’t have my favorite mac and cheese on their weekend brunch menu) and our waitress was very friendly and awesome.

Afterward, I posed with the fiberglass cow out front:

Afterward, we walked around the West Village and up into Union Square. It was awesome to walk around the city and feel the energy. We then caught the train back to Long Island and met up with my Uncle Bob, Aunt Sue and mom for dinner. We were all pretty tired and didn’t want to deal with any of the big chain restaurants that surrounded the hotel, so we tried a local Mediterranean place, which turned out to be really good. All in all, a really great day.

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