A Portland wedding


Back when we lived in Portland, we lived next to this really cool guy named Jeremy. We’d just moved to Portland from New York and he’d grown up in Manhattan. At the time, we only had one dog (Smokey Joe) and he had Jack – a high energy mixed breed that loved to chase birds as they flew through the air. The two dogs got along great and we got to be good friends with Jeremy. We’d watch each other’s dogs and go for runs/hikes and what-not. Eventually, Jeremy bought a house and moved across town but we kept in touch.

This weekend, Jeremy got married to a lovely girl and we were invited to the wedding. I’d always been hoping to see Jeremy meet the right girl, so I was delighted to attend. Plus, next weekend is my sister’s wedding, so I’d get to do a dry-run of my outfit.  😉 We drove down the morning of the wedding and I was a little nervous about the weather for the outdoor wedding, but by the afternoon it was absolutely perfect.

The ceremony was in a gorgeous park in North Portland, with a rose garden and a pretty fountain. Because I’m still in the throes of Hipstamatic addiction, all of the pictures are shot with that app on the iPhone. Here’s the park:

(The ceremony took place in front of that gazebo in the background.) You know you’re in Portland because there’s a bicycle nearby:

Jack was the ring-bearer:

I didn’t get any good shots of the actual ceremony, but it was very sweet. The bride wore a simple dress that had a hint of vintage to it. I also liked her low-key bouquet:

The reception was at the Ecotrust building, which is a really cool green space in NW Portland.  They did a cool thing for place cards, each couple was given a little card that looked like a restaurant order ticket and then they had to match it to a local restaurant’s menu that was part of the centerpiece of each table:

The centerpieces themselves were beautiful dahlias:

Our table turned out to be full of other folks who’d driven down from Seattle. We were the only ones that didn’t have kids (the three couples had eight kids between them!) but we still managed to have some good conversations. The food was delicious and there was plenty of good wine and beer to go with it. Afterward, dessert was served on the roof deck:

It was a very Portland wedding: laid-back with great food and drink. Many congratulations to the happy couple, they certainly kicked off their marriage in great style! Hopefully, next week’s wedding will be as much fun…


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