You say tomato…


I’ve been wanting to make some tomato soup before all of the tomatoes disappear from the farmer’s market. T & I headed over to our local market at the end of the day, in the hopes of getting a good deal. One of the stands was selling their older/less attractive tomatoes in a 20 lb box for 25 bucks. A great deal, but that’s a lot of tomatoes. But while we were ruminating, T noticed that there was another guy also pondering the deal, so he suggested that we could split a box. The guy agreed and we were in business with 10 pounds of tomatoes.

Because the tomatoes were really ripe, I needed to get cracking on my soup right away:

After a whole bunch of chopping, I had a big pot of yumminess on the stove. (Side note: that’s homemade chicken stock on the counter to the right of the image. Oh yeah… )

After a little magic with the immersion blender, my soup is complete:

I froze most of it in anticipation of needing it during the gray bleak months of winter ahead. It *almost* makes me look forward to winter. Almost.

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