New toy


It’s been a crazy week. Somehow taking the week off from training seems to have made all of the other aspects of my life busier. A sudden lead on a job has kept me busy. First with a phone interview, followed by getting my portfolio and wardrobe in order for an in-person interview. Somewhere in the middle of all of this, my cell phone decided to die – sort of. The phone works fine, but the screen doesn’t. So, I can technically make and receive calls, I just have to know the number by heart and dial it carefully.

But the silver lining is that it gave me the perfect excuse to get this little piece of awesomeness:

I’ve been wanting an iPhone for years and have been holding off on buying one in the interest of saving money. But finally, the lure of having access to my e-mail when I’m away from the house was too much and I joined the SmartPhone universe. And I must say, it’s pretty sweet. It’s great to be able to look up things on the fly and I look forward to being able to ride in remote areas without fear of getting lost. But far and away, my favorite toy on the phone is an app called Hipstamatic. You can look forward to many more blog posts featuring artsy photos like this:

I guess it beats endless posts about training! πŸ˜‰

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