A farewell ride in Prosser


I couldn’t resist the opportunity to do one last ride before we hit the road. I really wanted to do the first part of our epic ride last year, as the Weber Canyon climb would be good prep for Grand Columbian’s Almira Grade. The road out was as nice as I remembered and we stopped at the Conoco before heading up Weber Canyon. (T was our SAG wagon for the ride, so it was just Erin, David and I.) Erin got her secret weapon, the Snickers Ice Cream bar, to fuel her up Weber Canyon.

As we headed up Weber, I’ll admit that I was a little nervous. What if I couldn’t climb it this year? What if it was really hard? I remembered it being a pretty tough climb last year and I had a lot more riding under my belt then. But as we headed out, I felt good and actually decided to hammer the initial flat section. I left Erin & David behind, but I figured they’d more than make up for it on the actual climb.

There was the same crazy headwind as we headed up the climb, but I actually felt okay on the climb. There wasn’t anything that felt that tough. Even the wind wasn’t as big an impediment as I remembered (though it may not have been as strong this year.) I couldn’t keep the smile off my face as I climbed the giant hill. David blew by me, but I managed to stay ahead of Erin (for the first time ever, that girl’s a way better climber than I am… ) As I waited at the top for them, I decided to amuse myself with a self-portrait:

Here’s some more scenery:

And some familiar faces…

Then it was a speedy trip to the bottom to meet up with T. We grabbed a delicious lunch at another favorite Mexican spot (T was in heaven!) and then it was time to pack up and go get the pups before hitting the road home. As if in response to all of the sunshine we’d had in Prosser, Seattle greeted us with rain, fog and traffic. Oh well, it was still worth it. Many thanks to everyone for such a fun weekend, especially Erin – hostess extraordinaire!


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