Ride into the sunset


After the previous evenings festivities, we all slept late and had a leisurely morning. David made aebleskivers for breakfast, which were delicious. Around noon, we hit the road with some of Erin’s friends for a nice recovery ride. I love riding in Prosser. The scenery is beautiful and there’s hardly any traffic, even in the middle of the day.

And you get to see interesting wildlife, such as this goat next to an intersection. (There was a goat in the back of a pick-up truck that I really wanted to get a picture of, but I didn’t have a chance… )

After the ride, we relaxed for a little bit and then got cleaned up to go out for dinner. It’s not easy being a boy in a house full of girls. Luckily, T is used to it. Here he is waiting to go to dinner:

We went to a local restaurant with great food and a terrible name: Wine O’Clock. It was a fun night and we finished it off by taking Lucky on a walk at sunset.

An appropriately scenic end to a lovely day…


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