Party down


After some rest and downtime, it was time to start prepping for the evening’s festivities. Erin was doing a shrimp boil and we’d brought two of our stockpots to assist in the endeavor. We helped prep the food:

And clean up the backyard:

That’s Erin’s in-laid Scrabble board. When the tiles get finished, it’s going to be pretty sweet. Until then, there’s Giant Jenga:

Oh yeah, you heard right. A giant Jenga board. T was very excited about it…

After he got it set up, T tested the stability with Bandit. (Not really… )

Before long, people started arriving. Delicious wine started flowing and extreme Jenga was underway…

In addition to the lovely wine, there was this evil-ness:

And then before long, it was time to eat. Here’s the proper way to eat a shrimp boil dinner:

The lack of utensils and plates makes it fun and easy to clean up. And everything was so yummy! After dinner, there was some more wine, more Jenga, some dessert and a visit from a neighborhood kitten that we nicknamed Smokey Mittens because of his gray coat with white feet. It was a very enjoyable evening and fun to meet some of Erin’s local friends.


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