Eastern Washington getaway


I’d been wanting to go back out to visit Erin in Prosser for some time and Labor Day weekend was the perfect excuse. We’d had such fun on our visit last year and I wanted T to share the experience. And thanks to my newly flexible work schedule, we got to leave Seattle at a nice reasonable 11 am (after a quick stop at Besalu, of course) and miss the holiday weekend traffic. The dogs were accompanying us to Prosser, but staying at a local boarding place that was much cheaper than our local one.

It was an uneventful drive and we dropped the dogs off without incident. (I always feel like an over-protective parent as I detail the dogs various behavioral quirks and whatnot… ) Before long, we were at Erin’s cute little house and T was meeting the dober-monster – Lucky Dog:

It was love at first sight…

Life at Chez-Erin is sweet. You get to sleep in a beautiful guest room:

And while we were hanging out, Erin decided to make some experimental s’mores brownies. She did them in a muffin pan, so they looked like cupcakes and tasted like awesome:

While we were waiting for the brownies to cook, I noticed that Erin had hung a canvas of one of M’s photographs from last year’s visit in her dining area. Isn’t it beautiful?

We had a delicious dinner out in the backyard and hung out. It was very relaxing and fun. And then it was off to bed before our race tomorrow…


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