A wild wine tasting


In an effort to break out of our usual entertainment rut, M, T & I decided to attend the Woodland Park Zoo’s Tasting Flight event. It was a “bring your own glass” wine tasting at the zoo on a Friday evening. Best of all, it was only 20 bucks and you could bring a picnic dinner to eat on the lawn where the event was held. T made some delicious bread that tormented us in the car with it’s delicious aroma and we stopped at our local market to get some meat, cheese and salads. It was quite the spread:

Everyone was feeling festive and we hadn’t even had any wine yet!

There was a pretty good-sized crowd and a nice selection of wineries to choose from:

Being the sophisticated oenophiles that we are, we picked our wines based on the sophisticated criteria of “that label looks nice” and “that line isn’t too long” (but still had a line, we learned quickly that no line was a bad sign!) I particularly enjoyed the little wine tasting tickets that looked like carnival tickets except they just said “wine.”

The bring your own glass aspect added a nice touch. It was fun to see what people brought. M had a tiny mason jar and we even spied a vintage Return of the Jedi juice glass. We also got to see our friends Jen and Bryan. Jen works and volunteers at the zoo and was the reason I’d heard of the event.

The zoo also had their Northern Trail exhibit open for the event and because it was dusk, we actually got to see the wolves out and about. It was very cool to see wolves so close, even in captivity. There was also a brown bear entertaining the guests by scratching his butt on a rock for about 20 minutes and a very cute arctic fox sleeping in a ball with his tail over his face. There was some discussion of stealing the fox and taking him home, but I’m happy to report no one was arrested.

All in all, it was a very enjoyable event and a nice change of pace from our usual routine. We’ll have to keep an eye out for stuff like this in the future.

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