Rollercoaster week


This week went by really quickly and was a bit of a roller coaster. My big goals for the week were to get back on some kind of training schedule and get some job stuff taken care of. There’s a full-time design job that I’m really excited about and I’m very fortunate to have a friend who works there helping me out, so I spent the early part of the week getting my application materials finished up and sent in, but I knew it might be a while before I heard anything back. I had a few leads on contract work that some friends had sent me, so I diligently followed up with those as well.

Late last week, I’d started talking with my former company about doing some contracting work for them. (Yeah, I know.) On Monday, I had a phone call set up to discuss what I thought were the specifics of the arrangement, but it turned out the powers that be hadn’t given their final approval yet and instead here’s a long pitch about possible future opportunities to come back and work for them in October. Yeah, right. The whole phone call opened up all of the layoff emotions and the whole encounter felt like a bad high school break up. “No, baby… this time I’m totally going to change. I’ll totally treat you right this time, I swear!” Sigh.

As far as training went, it was pretty ugly. Monday, I went for a bike ride with T and felt like crap. Tuesday, went for a run and felt like crap. Wednesday, M & I ran some errands down in Renton and treated ourselves with a trip to the best pool ever – Colman. I was expecting the swim to be horrible, since it had been over a week since I’d swum last and that was a disaster, but it was okay. (Maybe the fabulosity of Colman makes a bad swim more bearable, who knows?) Encouraged by my Colman efforts, I came back and sent off a quick e-mail to a Craigslist contracting lead. They responded within 20 minutes with a request for a few more samples and we set up a phone interview for Friday. Since I still hadn’t heard anything from my former company, it was good to see some kind of work on the horizon.

Thursday, I woke up blue for no really good reason. The weather was gray and cloudy and it was just one of those days where it’s hard to see anything working out and everything just seems doomed to failure. I have enough experience with this state of mind to just sort of ride it out. I forced myself out onto the bike for some hill repeats in the neighborhood. (Maybe some external pain will shake up the internal blahs… ) T was nice enough to go with me and we had a decent 45 minute ride. (Legs still not 100% but better than Monday) After some lunch and a nap, I went back out for a run. Going out sucked, but coming back actually felt pretty decent.

We ended the evening having M & J over for pizza. Wally decided to help us manage our carbs by eating one entire pizza dough. Bad, bad dog! T was forced to improvise and divide the remaining pizza into two smaller doughs. It all turned out okay, the pizzas were small but delicious and our guests claimed to have gotten enough to eat. It gave T & I an excuse to go out and get a cupcake later in the evening, so it all turned out okay.

Fingers crossed that things will start to feel normal soon…


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