Yard sale!


We’ve been working hard to get rid of excess crap that’s been cluttering up our house. In fact, T’s summer job has been selling said crap on Craigslist with some success. But the sheer volume was making us think that maybe a yard sale might be a good way to go. M had some stuff she wanted to get ride of as well and since she has a much better place for yard-saling, we decided to have the sale in her ‘hood.

I will confess that I was not wildly enthused about doing the actual sale. There’s something about sitting around with all of your crap haggling with strangers just doesn’t sound appealing. Go figure. But the prospect of having friends to hang out with did make it seem much more bearable.

The forecast was in the 90’s and M proposed we set up the shade tent that we sometimes bring camping. She’s a genius.

While the boys lugged the tables/boxes of crap out of the house, M & I went to hang the final signs. Here’s me fighting with the stapler:

Caught in the act!

It was pretty shocking how early people were driving by. We were frantically trying to get things out of boxes and set up as people were coming up. It didn’t help that there were 9 garage sales within a few block radius, so people were definitely targeting the neighborhood, even with the heat.

Here’s the boy, hard at work:

The shade tent was roundly declared to be the best idea ever. It gave people a chance to browse stuff out of the sun and us a chance to stay relatively cool. M had made some awesome iced tea and J figured out how to make homemade “Country time lemonade.” It tasted exactly like the drink mix, it was sort of insane. J rigged up some music through their TiVo, so we had some nice background music.

Because we had a ton of little odds and ends, I really didn’t expect to make too much money. I was just happy for things to be leaving the house. Our biggest ticket items were 10 bucks! But when I sat down to count our money, we’d made a little over 300 bucks, not counting the handful of change. It was pretty shocking. (And given the current state of our finances, a most welcome one at that!) Plus, we took a ton of stuff to Goodwill and now have a very manageable number of items to try and sell on Craigslist. Talk about win/win!


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