Space needle souvenir


As part of our big Space Needle adventure, they do that obnoxious thing that tourist attractions have all started doing where they have you pose in front of a green screen and then try to sell you digital photos of you in front of a digitally placed background of whatever it is that you are visiting. But this time, they actually give you a free digital copy of your image AND let you pick from a selection of backgrounds.

I was so entertained at the cheese-tastic possibilities, that I had to take some screen shots t0 share with my tens of readers. Enjoy!

Look! We’re on a ferry!

Now we’re standing in front of the weirdest colored city skyline I’ve ever seen. Sunset after the nuclear holocaust perhaps? Or maybe we’re just standing next to a really big hippie van?

And now we’re… floating in space?

And finally, my favorite. This has to be the creepiest picture of Mount Rainier ever. All it’s missing is a unicorn or a rainbow or even better a unicorn AND a rainbow. Or a rainbow-colored unicorn…

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