Free Friday Fun


Bargain-hunter extraordinaire, M found out that the Space Needle was going to have free admission all day today. (Take that, Friday the 13th!) M had been wanting to go to the top since they moved here three years ago, but it’s hard to work up a great deal of enthusiasm to spend 18 bucks per person to stand in a long line with fanny-pack wearing tourists. But for free? Sign us up! We got to Seattle Center around five, with the full expectation that we would have a lengthy wait ahead of us. (And wondering if there was some sort of catch… )

Oooh, free Space Needle:

But after passing the mandatory Peruvian flute band, we were directed to the box office and handed our free passes. The line was crazy-long, as expected, but it was at least largely shaded and fairly well organized. The gang was prepared for adventure:

What the gang wasn’t prepared for was our fellow line inhabitants. There were some of the ugliest people, wearing some of the most unfortunate fashion ever seen. Seriously. Terrible. We were also behind two women who thought it would be a great idea to subject their four young children to a really long line without actually keeping an eye on them or paying attention to them, so they sort of ran wild through the crowd, which was fairly stressful to witness. I totally understand wanting to bring your children to things, but toddlers aren’t going to do well standing in a long line. Bring a stroller/some snacks/your brain.

But aside from all of that, the line moved pretty briskly and before we knew it, we were on deck for the yellow elevator and rocketing to the top. After listening to the poor elevator operator’s spiel, we were on the observation deck, surrounded by the loveliness that is Seattle. Look at this pretty city:

Downtown Seattle, with a faint view of Mount Rainier in the background:

Lake Union:

Facing east, looking at Capital Hill and the shadow of the Space Needle:

Obligatory couple shots:

The Olympic Sculpture Garden:

Ugly building made uglier, the Experience Music project from above:

Puget Sound:

It was so much fun and since I’d only been up once before, (I had lunch with my mother there after the job interview that would eventually lead to my first move to Seattle) it was nice to be able to identify what I was looking at. After we were safely back on the ground, I had to take one last look:

We finished our evening at M & J’s place, enjoying Vietnamese salad rolls in their lovely backyard. It was a great summer evening and a lovely way to kickoff a hot August weekend. Thanks again to M for her crazy-awesome bargain-finding skills!


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