The new normal


I figured I’d post a little update after last week’s big news. I spent most of last week as a weepy, angry mess. All training attempts ended in tears and I was just generally not in a good place. So, I decided that I would let myself have the week to wallow and then starting Monday it was time to move on. Oddly enough, this actually worked. I woke up Monday ready to hit the ground running on overhauling my online portfolio site and finding a new job. I worked on it all day Monday and actually enjoyed myself. It was fun to be designing something for myself and wrangling code. The downside is that I literally spent all day in front of the computer and didn’t leave the house at all.

So today, I made a plan to bring my bike and go to school with T. He had class from 9:30 to 12:30, which would give me time for a nice bike ride and get me out of the house for a little while. Let me just say, being able to ride your bike on Tuesday at 10:00 is awesome. (I had a surreal realization at one point when I realized that a week ago I was sitting in a conference room being told I didn’t have a job anymore and now I was riding my bike on an empty road with a view of trees and a pretty lake. Weird.)

There was very little traffic and none of the cars are in a hurry at that hour. When I came upon a construction zone where they were having to alternate cars though one lane, I even had a construction lady let me go ahead of all of the cars. (Which actually was a little stressful, I felt like I had to hurry through to keep all of the cars from getting pissed off, so it was like a 1/4 mile sprint up a hill, but it was still very nice of her.)

On my way home, I saw a bike path that purported to go right to T’s school. Since I hadn’t really been looking forward to reversing the route I’d taken out, I decided to take a chance on it. Worst case scenario, I’d have to retrace my steps. The path started out as a strange looking “hallway” between two chain-link fences but then opened into this cute little forest path:

God, I love this area! The little path had a number of switchbacks that made me happy there weren’t any other cyclists on the path. It was pretty hilly and had terrible pavement, but it did take me right back to T’s school with a minimum of traffic. I got back in time to change clothes and meet T. It was great to get back out on the bike and definitely brought a bright side to this whole layoff thing.


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