The menagerie next door


T and I came down to Portland for a very short visit to join an old friend on an organized bike ride. Unfortunately, my plan to work remotely from my family’s house coincided with a web launch deadline getting moved up by a week, so it was a little stressful trying to get the website up and running from my parent’s family room. Thankfully, the hub-bub died down a little bit by late afternoon and I could join my youngest brother, who was feeding the neighbor’s ducks while they were out of town – including a new batch of baby ducks.

My parents live in a rural area of Oregon City and they have a collection of unusual neighbors. There’s the guy to the left who collects vintage tractors and to the right are the neighbors we’d be visiting today, who rescue cats and have a number of ducks in a pen. There apparently was a raccoon attack on the duck pen a few weeks ago and they lost a bunch. But a few weeks ago, they had a new batch of babies and now another batch, so the duck population is coming in strong.

But on our way to the duck pen, we were greeted by my parent’s pug Jasmine’s new best friend, a pretty cat named Grayson:

He likes to follow Jasmine around and play with her leash or rub up against her. It’s pretty adorable. (I was unable to get any pictures of these interactions, but trust me – it’s pretty ridiculous.) Speaking of ridiculous levels of adorable, let’s get to the baby ducks!

(The larger ones were babies last week… )

They didn’t like me getting too close, so I kept my distance. We also met a few more of the cats, including this friendly fellow:

Jasmine was unamused at being left out of all of the festivities and fussed at us from her dog run:

Nothing like some cute baby animals and kitty-cat love to restore your mood after a tough work day.


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