Showdown at Andrews Bay


M has been doing really well in her open-water training leading up to Seafair, but there’s been a big unanswered question hovering over our heads. How will she do with the dreaded seaweed? We hadn’t been back to Seward Park for swim practice yet and with the race now a week away, it was time to face the music. Luckily, we were still having our sunny summer weather, so we didn’t have to add “dark and freezing” to the list of challenges. T also joined us for the adventure and because of the warm weather, I actually dug out my old sleeveless wetsuit. After the dramatic enactment of “Will I be able to squeeze into a wetsuit I haven’t worn in four years” (Well, not that dramatic – it was totally fine.) we got into the lake.

The start is still rocky and we identified exactly where the rock wall was. The seaweed jungle is still there as well. T swam out ahead into it, basically swimming until it was far enough below him that he could tread water above it. M swam out to where he was like a champ, before I’d even had a chance to get into the water (stupid rocky lake bottom!) By the time I was in the water, they’d swum to where the rock wall was on the actual swim course and I was able to swim out past the seaweed to give M a target. It took me a while to swim to where I couldn’t see the seaweed and I was a little nervous about how much of it she’d have to swim over before she got to me, but M handled it like a rockstar. She put her head down and swam. No tears or panic in sight. (I was very sad that I hadn’t brought my camera along on this adventure to document the triumph… )

After that, we swam out to the buoy that marks the point that boats are no longer allowed to come into the bay, approx 250 yards from shore and then did a little triangular course from there. On the way back, we actually ended swimming right into the seaweed, including a big chunk that hit M (and then me) in the face! If she could handle that, she was going to kick Seafair’s ass next week! We did a few more laps, before calling it a day and heading home. We had M & J over for a nice summery dinner of grilled chicken, veggies, corn and dinner rolls. It was a great start to the weekend.


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