Happy birthday America


After yesterday’s exertions, I wanted to take today a little easier. I’d been thinking of doing another bike ride with T, but one look at the gray skies and wind outside put that right out of my head. T was right there with me and we settled onto the couch to watch the tour and eat a patriotic breakfast.

We spent the day giving the apartment a long overdue cleaning. Originally, we were planning to go over to M & J’s place to watch fireworks from their house, in the hopes there would be fewer folks shooting off fireworks on her street. But M called to tell us that there had been a ton of people shooting them off the night before, which didn’t bode well for the actual 4th, especially with Wally locked in a car. So, we switched gears and moved the celebration to our place.

J & M brought over some gorgeous steaks, corn and homemade potato rolls:

Does it get any more American than this?

This year, we were trying something new with Wally and giving him some Benedryl in the hopes that it would make him drowsy. After triple-checking the dosage, we slipped him the pills buried in a potato roll. After about an hour, it was very evident that the Benedryl was doing it’s job. By the time the fireworks started going off, Wally was still awake enough to be interested in what was going on, but didn’t have enough energy to bark at them or even do much more than lift his head in their direction. Benedryl, you are a miracle drug. It was far and away our most relaxing fourth of July since we got Wally.


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