The water temp is “brrr”


***I’m stealing the title of this post from my friend Jenn and her quoting of the Bellingham sprint tri’s pre-race materials.***

We had a lot to get done today before the race tomorrow, but we slept in and then made a nice big breakfast of pancakes and bacon. (Oh yeah!) Then we headed over to the other side of the campground to get a swim in before too many folks showed up. (The transition technically didn’t open until noon, so we were hoping it wouldn’t be too crowded before then.) Because we didn’t want to leave the dogs unattended at the campground and needed to drive down to the race check in anyway, we loaded them into the car and drove the 1/4 to the other side of the campground. (Apparently, the theme of this weekend is driving… )

The campground was pretty big and we were at the other end where it was mostly fishermen and older folks, so it was a huge change to be in “Triathlete Land” so suddenly. They had everything pretty much set up, including some buoys out in the lake for a practice course.

T and I began the fun-filled process of stuffing ourselves into wetsuits, while a family of small children made a game of braving as much of the cold water as they could before squealing and running back up the boat ramp. Good times! I decided to swim with T to the first buoy so I could acclimate to the freezing cold water. (I have this weird thing that happens in really cold water where my wrist or hand get these shooting pains making it very hard to swim. I’ve learned that once I’ve been in the water for a while, they go away.)

Luckily, I brought my camera along to document the fun as T was not having a good time swimming to the buoy. After a few iterations of “Isn’t that close enough?” I’m proud to present the evidence of T’s triumph. Closing in on it:

And he made it:

After that, I headed out on my own to swim around the rest of buoys. It was nice to have an opportunity to take a few picture of what I’d be seeing tomorrow. I remember this mountain from last time as one of the points I like to use to keep myself swimming in a relatively straight line:

It wasn’t the best swim in the world, my arms felt frozen and like they didn’t have any power in them. But I just focused on how I’d handle it in the race tomorrow and tried to keep things moving along smoothly. I did appreciate them having the buoys out, it was very helpful to have a practice run at the course and get a feel for where the wind was going to be and find landmarks to sight. Before I knew it, I was heading back to the boat ramp to find a huge gang of folks from Team in Training. I love the mission of TNT, I’m just not so in love with the attitude of some of the folks that participate. I don’t know if it’s that they are in a big group and are some what intimidated by the whole tri scene, but they tend to ignore everyone else around them and get absorbed in their own thing. So, walking up a boat ramp with frozen feet while negotiating a huge chattering group that is actively ignoring you is a bit… shall we say, annoying?

Oh well, it was time to get dried off and head out for the next part of the day. Before we left, we hit the campsite for some snacks and to drop off the wetsuits. You know triathletes are in your camp when:


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