Sneak preview


We left the campground to drive to Sunriver via the bike course. One of things I like about this race is the point to point bike course. It makes things complicated logistically, as you have to stuff all of your first transition area crap into a bag and figure out what you’re going to want for the second transition well in advance but there’s something deeply satisfying about riding from one place to another. It makes you feel like you accomplished something.

I was glad to finally see the bike course, as I was a bit concerned about the section that basically goes through a mountain pass and is about ten miles of steady climbing, according to the elevation profile. The first 20 miles or so was rolling but nothing too terrible and the scenery is really stunning. There were at least ten places I wanted to pull the car over to take pictures, but at that rate we’d never get to packet pick-up and this post would be a million years long. We did stop to take a picture of T and his lake:

And let the dogs play in the snow. (Yes, we’re up that high!)

Nice view of Bachelor:

The road I would be riding tomorrow:

After that it was more climbing and then down into Sunriver, which is a town/village/resort area that I am not a fan of. It’s very crowded, hot and filled with obnoxious people. (To be clear: all of the actual Sunriver residents that I’ve met who volunteer for the race are fantastic. It’s the tourists that this area attracts that I don’t enjoy.) We were struggling to find a shady spot for the dogs and almost got into a fight with some douche in a Porsche over the one we finally did find. T was nice enough to handle that situation so that I didn’t have to. (The Porsche guy doesn’t know it, but he really lucked out there… )

After a very hot trip to the packet pick-up followed by an overpriced ice cream cone reward, we headed over to the transition area to set up for tomorrow. There were signs leading to the parking for the transition area, which very helpfully stopped right before the actual parking, leaving us to guess at where they wanted us to park. We lucked into a shady spot across the street and walked up to set up. It was very nice to get this done ahead of time and I pretty much had my choice of spots. One last stop to get a cold Diet Coke to attempt to stem the tide of grumpiness and we were heading back to camp.

When we got back, the wind had picked up substantially. (Booooo… ) I still had to drop my bike off at the first transition area and the dogs could use a walk, so we decided to get those things taken care of first and then have some relaxing time (which had definitely been lacking today… ) It was pretty calm at the transition area, all things considered. We saw a few folks riding out on the road, but it was pretty chill. Here’s Slim Shady, chilling at his spot:

And a calm look at what was going to be chaos tomorrow:

Afterward, we headed back to our campsite, noting that the wind was completely blocked on the other side of the campground. Actually, pretty much every where else than our site and the few sites around it. (D’oh!) I chilled for a little while in the tent with my book while T puttered around the campsite. The wind was still in full force as I built a fire and we started dinner prep. Dinner was baked potatoes and salmon cooked with veggies in tinfoil packets. It’s a tried and true camp favorite, except the wind was making it tough to find a spot in the fire that would consistently cook the potatoes. After an hour, they were still hard as rocks (and from experience, I knew that you could, in fact, overcook a baked potato)

Neither T or I were in the mood to deal with the wind and the difficulties in cooking were not helping. I sat by the fire and sulked for a while. The packets seemed to be cooking all right and when we opened one of the potatoes – it wasn’t burned and did seem to be cooking, just really slowly. We stuck the potatoes back in the fire and I resumed sulking. The wind was just relentless. We finally pulled the packets off and decided to make the best of the partially cooked potatoes. (Luckily, the potatoes were ginourmous, so even with parts being undercooked, there was still plenty of cooked part.) And the salmon in the packets was delicious. We huddled at our little picnic table in the wind and tried to make the best of it, but the mood was grim.

To make matters worse, the campsite to our left had their dogs off-leash and every so often they would wander near our site and send Wally into a frenzy of barking. Finally, I had a totally immature fussing tantrum and T was kind enough to send me into the tent with the dogs while he did the dishes. (He’s pretty much the best husband ever.) Getting out of the wind was sweeter than the s’mores I was giving up. (Seattle peeps, stay tuned for a “thwarted s’mores” party announcement in the near future… ) After that it was pretty uneventful. The dogs crashed. I read my book for a while and then it was time for bed. It was hard to believe I had to race tomorrow…


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