Road trip redux


After two action-packed days where I tried to work remotely amidst the ex-husbands, dogs, crappy wireless connection and other assorted chaos at Susan’s house, it was time to hit the road again. Susan generously swapped cars with us, giving us a much better way to convey the bicycles/camping stuff and the dogs much more room. Behold:

And look, roof rack:

Smokey Joe called shotgun while we were packing the car:

Leaving Wally with the backseat:

They are convinced that if they get in the car as early as possible, then we can’t possibly leave them behind… This time their master plan worked, and they didn’t get left behind with Susan. Finally, the boy was finished loading all of our stuff into the car and we were ready to hit the road:

The drive from Salem to our campground was lovely with pretty forests to drive through, but long because it’s almost nothing but two-lane highway. We stopped in Sisters to have a little lunch at this awesome local spot:

Seriously, how can you not stop at a place like this? Plus, we’d been there for ice cream once before and knew it was yummy. While we sat on the sunny back patio, waiting for our food to arrive, I snapped this picture of bustling downtown Sisters:

Oh yeah! Once properly fueled, we were on the road for another hour and a half or so before we finally made it to our lovely campground. We were very pleasantly surprised to arrive at our site – a huge space with a gorgeous view of the lake:

So far, this trip was off to a pretty good start!


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