Camp antics


As we were setting up our camp, we started noticing a bit of a breeze coming off the water. Not really thinking anything of it, we proceeded to unload the car and get everything set up. (In literary circles, that right there is foreshadowing… ) It was looking pretty nice when all was said and done:

And look at the view from our tent! Ridiculous!

After getting everything unpacked, we decided to let the dogs have a little beach/swimming time:

View of unknown but lovely snow-capped mountain in the distance:

The water was FREEZING! And since this was the same lake I’d be swimming in for the race, I was a bit nervous about it. We took the dogs on a long walk to let them dry off and get the last of the car ride pent up energy out. After we got back, T decided to try swimming in the lake, because he is a.) insane and b.) nervous about his upcoming race in mid-July and general lack of swimming fitness. I settled into a comfy camp chair with the dogs and watched him wrestle with the desire to swim vs. remain frost-bite free.

Indecision is lovely in silhouette, isn’t it?

The wind had been steadily picking up all afternoon and we were concerned that it was not a good sign of things to come. But it settled down when the sun set, then a huge chorus of frogs started up. It was a very picturesque scene to roast marshmallows and generally relax.


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