Taking this show on the road


This weekend marks the first big race on the calendar –  the Pacific Crest Half Ironman. Pacific Crest is a huge festival of races in Sunriver, OR and I’ve had mixed results at this event. The first time I raced out here was the ill-fated year of the DNFs – 2006 and I made it about 10 miles into the bike on the Olympic distance before dizziness and nausea caused me to quit. The following year, I came back and did the half-ironman and had a good race, (albeit on a shorter and WAY easier bike course due to road construction.) These races take place about 4500 – 4000 ft above the altitude where I usually train, which is always fun. And there’s always a potential that it’s going to be hot, which given that almost all of my training has been in the rain, was going to be challenging. So, I was going into the event with some big unknowns hanging over my head, but since the primary reason I’d signed up was to keep me motivated to train through the craptacular spring weather, I was trying to keep an open mind and not get myself too psyched out.

T had a week’s break between semesters, which he foolishly decided he wanted to spend hanging with his family in Salem, so he picked me up from work and we hit the road in this ghetto-fabulous assemblage. The Oakies have nothing on us!

Please note the worried expression on Wally in the passenger seat. That is because he’s not sure how he’s going to cram his big body in the backseat with Smokey Joe and the cooler!


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