Taste of summer


With Pacific Crest looming on the horizon, (Ack! Two weeks away!) this weekend was all about training. It’s good timing since T has finals this coming week and I needed to stay out of his hair. Plus the weather forecast was G O R G E O U S. I needed to do a long ride on Saturday and had scoped out a route on the Eastside so that I could avoid the crowds on the various multi-use paths. Unfortunately, I was too lazy/stupid to look at the organized century ride that was on said route on the same day. (I thought it was on Sunday, despite it being written on my training plan for Saturday. D’oh!) This meant sharing my quiet country roads with hundreds of other riders of varying abilities. I’d originally planned a 62 mile route, but there was a looped section that was so congested that I ended up skipping it and riding about 50 miles instead. The upside was that I didn’t have to look at my little cue-sheet, I could just follow the crowds. Plus, I got to pass people which is always fun and good for the ego.

I wanted to take a ton of pictures on my ride, as the weather was beautiful and the scenery was outstanding. Unfortunately, I had to focus on training and not hitting/getting hit by crazy people so I didn’t have the opportunity. Later in the summer, when I’m not in hard-core triathlete mode, I’ll do this ride again and take some photos. 🙂 After I finished the ride, I treated the local Target to a visit in my sweaty, smelly bike clothes to pick up cat litter & toilet paper and inhale a soft pretzel & diet coke. Not a pretty spectacle, but a necessary one.

Then it was home for about an hour before heading over to West Seattle with M for the summer’s first visit to the raddest pool in the world, Colman pool:

(Cue sound of angelic choral music)

It was every bit as awesome as I remembered. The weather was still beautiful. I shared my lane with four normal people, who when spread out across a 50 meter pool weren’t even noticeable. It’s still an adjustment going from 25 feet to 50 meters, but it was still heaven. Afterward, I went over to M & J’s place for dinner and a little RockBand, which T was able to join for a little while.

Sunday brought more bike riding, this time with M. We headed up north for a little break from the Burke Gilman for a 20 mile ride followed by a short, hot run. After all of the riding on Saturday and the hills of Sunday, my legs were not psyched to go for a run, even a short one. (Hence the reason for doing it in training.) I was pleasantly surprised that after five minutes or so, it actually didn’t feel too bad. Hopefully, that will carry over to race day. Usually, starting the run leg is just horrible.

After the ride, I hit up a produce market I’d been wanting to check out and got the idea for skewers for dinner. In my limited energy window, I managed to get groceries for the week and frozen yogurt with T before crashing on the couch. T helped me with dinner and we turned out some delicious steak skewers (Sorry vegetarians, you may want to avert your eyes.)

Paired with some awesome corn on the cob and homemade bread a la T:

It was pretty much the perfect summer dinner. We’ve had these cool skewers for years, but are only now getting around to using them. I’m thinking that will change as we realized how unbelievably easy skewers are to make and how freakin’ delicious they are. It was a busy weekend, but a really enjoyable one. What a difference a little sunshine makes!


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