Ranch antics


After the ride, I grabbed a shower, grazed on some various snack foods and loafed on the couch. Meanwhile, dinner preparation had begun. Dinner was fresh spring rolls and a papaya salad that Jenn shredded the papaya for by hand:

While looking for something else in the closet, someone found a bunch of awesome party hats and distributed them throughout the kitchen:

Dinner was delicious, even with the papaya salad being a little too spicy for yours truly. (I’m a spice wuss.) I also got to see first hand how easy fresh spring rolls are to make, so I’ll be adding those to my repertoire this summer. After dinner, some folks wanted to play Cranium. I’m not a huge fan of board games, but I agreed to be question reader/adjudicator. It was quite the competitive game:

M gave me her best drunk impersonation:

(No really, she’s pretending. I swear!) It was a nice way to top off a great day.


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