Back on the road


In an excellent example of my complete inability to plan logistics, we’d made plans to go back to the Gunn Ranch the weekend after Memorial Day. What I didn’t realize when I made these plans was that this basically gave me one full day between travel days and no time to get ready. Not to mention the five days worth of work I had to get done in two. Whew!

So, when T arrived to pick me up from work on Thursday about half an hour later than scheduled, I was a bit frazzled and grumpy. Remembering the drive up to Winthrop, I was none too pleased to be late getting on the road. With all those twists and turns, we needed as much daylight as possible. But after I settled down a little bit, we had a nice drive. I even stopped for the boys favorite Taco Time (shudder) because that’s what a nice wife I am.

Luckily, it was still somewhat light out when we got to the house. (In fact it was really beautiful. Had I not had to pee, I would have taken a picture of the house at twilight.) We were greeted by champagne and cupcakes to celebrate my birthday, which is a pretty awesome way to conclude a road trip. After some hashing out of sleeping arrangements, the drinking and cupcake eating commenced. This is shaping up to be a great weekend!


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