Older, not wiser


Our last day on Orcas had us bidding farewell to the boy. We put him to work making a nice scramble and then took him to the ferry. I was surprised that there wasn’t a mob scene at the ferry, but was still glad we weren’t trying to leave on the holiday. After we dropped T off, M & I had to figure out what we wanted to do with our day. We both felt like we needed to do something, so I decided to take another crack at open water swimming and she did another hike around the lake. This time the lake seemed even colder and less fun than last time. I only swam to the buoy & back a few times then called it a day. 30 minutes of freezing cold lake is plenty, thank you very much!

After we got back to the house, we saw something alarming outside. The sky was this weird color:

Could it be? Sunshine? Well, sort of…

We decided to walk into town and poke our heads into some of the cute shops and check out the pie store I’d only just seen on our way back from the ferry. (How I missed a pie shop in a town this small, I don’t know… ) The pie shop had a terrible name, but yummy pie:

It was nice to actually feel some sunshine, even if it did keep ducking behind the clouds. M usually walks to a beach to watch the sunset, which we hadn’t been able to do because of the weather, so we made plans to do that tonight. Unfortunately, because of the weather we hadn’t been paying any attention to when the sun actually set. So, we headed to the beach around 7. And for the record, the sun doesn’t set until at least 8:30 or 9. So we waited and waited… and waited… and then it started to rain… and waited… and then it got hilarious.

But the beach was very pretty:

And though we didn’t see the sunset from the beach, we did see an amazingly bright rainbow on our walk back. And we have a new inside joke to add to our arsenal about “if only there were a way to look up what time the sun sets… ” and I haven’t laughed that hard in a good long time. In some ways, it was the perfect ending to our little trip. Starting my fourth decade with some silly antics seems only fitting…

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