Not so Sunday, continued


We had a few hours before our kayak appointment, so we took a little nap to relieve some of the crankiness. I can’t speak for my cohorts, but I felt a lot better afterward. We were ready a little early, so we headed over. The folks who run this kayaking tour used to have a B&B, but now just rent a cabin and do these tours. If you ever find yourself on Orcas Island and want to do a kayak tour, I cannot recommend them highly enough.

I haven’t kayaked since around 1996, so I had no idea what to expect. Sandy, our guide got us all suited up in our gear and gave me the special chili pepper paddle:

Spicy! She also helped T & I into our kayak first, so we had a little time to fool around and take some funny pictures, courtesy of new camera float:

(Yeah, not the hottest picture of me on the planet, but at least the boy is cute.) Here is official photographic evidence of M in a kayak:

When we first got in the boat, it felt very tippy and a bit scary, but once we started moving, I felt totally comfortable. Despite the rain that had just started, we were really lucky with wind and currents and actually got to go all the way around Obstruction Island.

But with all of our gear, I didn’t notice the rain at all. Plus, the rain meant there weren’t many other boats on the water:

Someone’s porch:

M & Sandy spotting a bald eagle in a tree:

Blurry close-up of said eagle:

We even encountered a ferry in the pass:

It was pretty crazy. Luckily, they slowed down so there wasn’t too much wake to contend with. M took a couple of pictures of T & I in action:

All in all, it was a very fun excursion. T had some trouble finessing the steering of the kayak, so we did some extra mileage and had one near miss with some rocks, but all in all it was a very successful partnership. Plus as M so wisely pointed out, no wife on earth thinks her husband can steer a kayak. Take that, rain!


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